Pension Auditing, Administration & Consulting

Expert Services for Retirement Plans, Pension Plans and 401(k) Plans

Your retirement plan, whether it’s your personal, business, municipal or non-profit plan, is a crucial component of your financial landscape. PKHB audits and administers more than 60 public and private pension plans annually, including those with Qualified Non-Employee Contributions (QNEC), profit-sharing contributions, employee deferrals, 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, 457 plans, Length of Service Award Programs (LOSAP), and others with varying employer match formulas.

Pension planning is a specialized industry, and we have a team of plan designers, pension administrators and benefit plan auditors who are skilled in this particular area. By asking the right questions, our team creates a unique retirement solution for your organization and your employees.

If you operate your own business and do not have a retirement plan, it’s time to talk to us. We work with investment experts and other financial specialists to design benefits plans and long-term strategies for a variety of industries.

Retirement Plan Design and Documentation

PKHB specializes in retirement-plan design for all types of businesses and non-profits. We offer an IRS-approved Prototype Plan Document with the flexibility to structure a retirement plan funded by employer and/or employee contributions. After discussing your goals, we evaluate your employee population and design a custom retirement plan for your business. Because businesses grow and change over time, we review your plan annually to ensure it will meet your needs in the years ahead.

We create hundreds of IRS Forms 5500 every year, and can work independently or alongside your organization’s benefit plan specialist or pension administrator to prepare your forms quickly and accurately.

Affordable Retirement Plans

Employer-sponsored plans generate benefits beyond essential retirement savings. Many times, these benefits offset the plan’s costs. For example, a desirable retirement plan helps you attract and retain better employees, contributing to your company’s growth. These plans do not have to be expensive. They also offer significant savings by deferring taxes on plan contributions and investment gains until the time of distribution.

Employee Benefit Plan, Pension Plan, 401(k) Plan, 403(b) Plan, 457 Plan & LOSAP Audits

Quality audits help you protect the promise you made to your employees to protect their assets. These independent, third-party reports are presented to participants, the Department of Labor, plan managers and other interested parties, to indicate if the information contained in the plan’s financial statements is reliable enough to assess the plan’s current and future ability to pay benefits.

The IRS recently began focusing on employer-sponsored retirement plans, and the stricter enforcement and newly enacted penalties stress the need for companies to use external specialists when auditing their pension plans. Our auditors have extensive experience with employee benefit plans, pension plans, retirement plans, 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, 457 plans, LOSAP plans and others. Because we understand the strict auditing standards and rules that apply, we can evaluate the strength of the plan’s internal control over financial reporting, and identify control weaknesses or operational errors.

PKHB Retirement & Pension Plan Services include:
Pension Third-Party Administration
Personal Retirement Plan Management
Pension Plan Design and Setup
IRS Form 5500 Preparation
Department of Labor and IRS Audit Representation
Financial Plan
Pension Plan Audit Services

Leadership Profile

Richard Koskey, CPA
A. Michael Bucci, CPA
Nancy Patzwahl, CPA
Suzanne Muldoon, CPA
Jean Howe Lossi, EA

Bradley Cummings, CPA, CVA
Carol Howe, EA

Katie Zell, CPA
Matthew VanDerbeck, CPA
Gary Newkirk, CPA

Gary Newkirk, CPA

Thérèse Wolfe, CPA

Matthew VanDerbeck, CPA
Thérèse Wolfe, CPA

PKHB is a phone call away to answer your retirement plan questions.

I just wanted to give a big thank you to all the wonderful people at Pattison, Koskey, Howe & Bucci for the great work you do for us here at General Roll Leaf. When we first moved our company up to Ghent from Long Island City, it was rather intimidating to start looking for a new accounting firm after 20+ years with the same accountant . After meeting with Mike and the support staff it was amazing how easy PKHB made the transition work. It has been 8 years working with Mike and his associated companies and the working relationship has been both professional and quite frankly very easy! From the people that handle our payroll and 401 K plan, to Mike and his staff in the accounting end, it has been a relief and pleasure to know that our growing company is in such good hands. Please thank all who have been involved in making this relationship easy on both myself and the employees here at General that work with PKHB.

Peter Budelman President, General Roll Leaf Co.