Our Services

PKHB is a full-service CPA firm with expertise that runs the entire gamut of business and personal accounting, financial, and tax services.

PKHB Business Tax and Advisory Services team can provide consultation on everything from starting your business and tax planning to tax preparation, tax compliance, mergers, future expansions, and dozens of other vital areas.

PKHB professionals also offer expert accounting services for individuals in addition to businesses. You may need Financial Planning to ensure a secure future for yourself, loved ones, or perhaps a small family business. PKHB Estate and Trusts professionals have deep understanding of the laws governing inheritance and will make certain your assets are protected and pass to your heirs with minimum tax consequences. And our Tax Planning and Preparation staff will make your tax filings in a manner that is complete, accurate, minimizes your tax liability, and is easily defendable should an audit occur.

Our comprehensive Audit Services  comply with the latest auditing and accounting standards.

PKHB professionals can offer you the expert advice for business structure, insurance, employment regulations, legal matters, and much more through our Business Consulting services.

The breadth of accounting services we offer also includes: Financial Statements  prepared and reported according to AICPA standards with whatever the depth and detail you require; Pension Services for personal, business, municipal, or not-for-profit organizations; and, Business Valuation services with expertise to help you get the number right in this most vital arena.

We are friendly and attentive with a focus on your needs.