Business Advisory Services & Business Tax Planning

Let Us Advise Your Tax and Planning Needs

No matter where you are in the life cycle of your business, PKHB prepares you for what lies ahead. We offer sophisticated approaches to starting your business, tax planning, tax preparation, tax compliance, pension and retirement administration, mergers, exit strategies, future expansions and other strategic areas.

Our business advisors assess your startup or established business, and then evaluate your objectives, needs and risks. We know your needs become more complicated as your enterprise grows, and our advisors cultivate long-term relationships that give PKHB the acumen and insight to meet those changing needs. We are a full-service CPA firm with the expertise and resources to meet your needs at a reasonable cost.

Each client brings unique circumstances, whether they are multijurisdictional tax issues, finding and applying tax credits, or complying with new regulatory guidelines. Our personalized accounting, business and tax-planning services give you the tools and support you require to run your business efficiently.

PKHB’s advisory and support team helps you manage growth, improve cash flow and increase profits. That’s why many of our client relationships span decades.

PKHB Business Tax & Advisory Services include:
• Tax Preparation
• Financial Statements and Related Services
• Business Advice and Support
• Bookkeeping Services
• State and Local Tax Support
• Sales Tax Compliance
• Payroll Tax Compliance
• Pension Administration and Plan Services
• Succession Planning
• Business Valuation
• Periodic Financial Reviews of Tax Planning Services
• CFO for Hire Services

We offer a wide range of value-added services including:
-Business Plan Development
-Entity Selection and Capital Formation
-Buy-Sell Agreements
-Enterprise Analysis
-Planning for Financing New Facilities and Equipment
-Tax and Accounting Considerations for Consolidation, Mergers and Acquisitions
-Exit Strategies

Our firm has been helping businesses since 1946. PKHB has been serving businesses and individuals in Columbia County, Ulster County, Greene County, Dutchess County and Albany County, since 1946. We have offices throughout the Hudson Valley and also service businesses and individuals in New York City. There is a close connection between those clients who work in New York City and live upstate, and our firm offers this client base a cost-effective alternative with a quality equal to New York City firms that helps to manage your costs.

Because many of our team members have been with us for decades, you benefit from their accumulated knowledge of your company’s needs and specific systems and processes. You definitely get to know us well. We are proud of our client base and the relationships we continue to foster. Your best interest is our personal mission.

Leadership Profile

Richard Koskey, CPA
A. Michael Bucci, CPA
Nancy Patzwahl, CPA
Suzanne Muldoon, CPA
Jean Howe Lossi, EA

Bradley Cummings, CPA, CVA
Carol Howe, EA

Katie Zell, CPA
Matthew VanDerbeck, CPA
Gary Newkirk, CPA

Gary Newkirk, CPA

Thérèse Wolfe, CPA

Matthew VanDerbeck, CPA
Thérèse Wolfe, CPA

The numbers need to add up when the time comes. We are with you along the way.

We have been working with PKHB, at the time Kimball & O’Brien, since we purchased Elna Magnetics in 2005. They have always been responsive and attentive to our needs. They are always just a phone call away and available for face-to-face discussions when a phone call just doesn’t work. They are large enough to have all the resources that we require but yet operate as a small company that focuses on their clients and provide the personal touch.
Joe Ferraro, Managing Partner and President, Elna Magnetics

For over 10 years, PKHB has provided us with excellent personal and business accounting services. Not only do they prepare documents accurately and on time, they are flexible and ready to help with any problem that arises. It is a pleasure to work with them and they are willing to accommodate to our needs. The staff at PKHB literally take the stress out of tax preparation.

Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD and Richard P. Brown, MD