Business Consulting and Internal Audit

PKHB Helps you Assess Risk, Meet Objectives

When is the right time to invest? What are my options for business structure? Can I get help finding the right advice for insurance, employment regulations and legal matters? Should we hire a new employee, or outsource for services? Is it the right time to buy or lease? How do I comply with state and local taxing authorities? Which accounting software is right for us and who can help us implement it? What tools and reports are available to manage profitability and cash flows?

Whether you’re a small startup that can’t afford a CFO, a nonprofit adhering to strict government standards, or a longstanding company with deep roots in the community, PKHB’s business consulting services help you unlock the answers to these questions and dozens of others. Our business consulting experts assess current risks and emerging risks, and help you steer clear of the obstacles that can block your strategic goals. We use a team-oriented approach that matches you with the business accountants, risk assessment experts, attorneys and insurance professionals that understand your specific industry. PKHB’s CPAs tailor solutions that match your business strategy.

Internal Audit Services

The accountants at PKHB provide independent, objective assurances that improve your company’s operations. We help you:
• Assess how your business manages risk
• Evaluate those risks and find deficiences
• Evaluate and test controls
• Monitor governance
• Improve internal controls
• Determine best practices

Financial Analysis

Financial data has to be complete, accurate, relevant and timely. Without adequately designed reports and accounting procedures, you may not be getting the information you need to make the right decisions. PKHB can help with the preparation of these critical reports. PKHB also provides the expertise to interpret the data that facilitates ongoing discussions of how best to react to the results and plan appropriately.

Policies and Procedures

Good, practical accounting policies and procedures are essential to a strong, sound financial management system. For certain of you, to meet mandatory accounting and regulatory standards, you must also document and report these policies and procedures. PKHB works with you across your organization to create and maintain accounting policies and procedures that fit your size, complexity, staffing needs and business model. Our team of accountants also makes sure your policies and procedures are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

We help your organization:
• Comply with accounting standards
• Safeguard its assets
• Produce accurate and reliable financial statements
• Manage its finances responsibly
• Employ effective internal controls
• Promote operational efficiency

Since 1946, PKHB has been serving businesses, not-for-profits and individuals in Columbia County, Ulster County, Greene County, Dutchess County and Albany County. Many of our team members have been with us for decades, allowing us to provide seamless, personalized service to our many long-time clients. We also work hard to nurture relationships with new ones. We take reputation as seriously as you do.

Our team is focused and experienced to answer your questions and give you guidance.

PKHB has been the accounting firm for the Bank continuously since 1993. PKHB has consistently provided accounting and audit services at the highest professional level. Their understanding of accounting principles, and their practical application of rules to the circumstances which NBC faces, make their work invaluable to the Bank.

PKHB’s findings and recommendations with respect to internal controls and best practices help eliminate problems. NBC’s experience with PKHB has been entirely positive. Their work is completed timely, and within the budget agreed upon by CPAs and client. They are cordial, they return phone calls, and they answer questions.

James Warren, President, National Bank of Coxsackie, Coxsackie, NY